BSO Using Children For Under-Cover Stings


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BSO Using Children For Under-Cover Stings

The Broward Sheriff’s Office, along with B.A.T. are using 16 year old “children” for under-cover stings. We assume they are getting these children from theirExplorers Program“. We believe it is only a matter of time before one of these “children” gets hurt. Most of the Places that they send these kids have video cameras now. What do YOU think would happen if someone was to post a video of one of these kids in the act of being a confidential informant. Remember, these kids are still in High School.

I would also remind everyone that in the case of alcohol stings, that 18, 19, and 20 year olds can’t legaly purchase alcohol. So it’s both pointless and dangerous, to use 16 year old children.

Look at the article above about the 22 year old deputy arrested will all the drugs after a hit & run accident. Probably a former Explorer. Do you think he started doing drugs at 22?

I would further state that when the deputy’s themselves, do these type of stings, they come into court wearing ski-masks.



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We have an actual case from Margate. NTA shows 16 year old.

Seems to be standard policy around the country. Still, in our opinion, child exploration.

We didn’t think anyone cared, since only a couple have commented.

Looking at the web stats though, we found this is our most viewed article.


Please sound off Broward.


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