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Palm Beach and Lee County Deputies Raid


Palm Beach and Lee County Deputies Raid The Home of Activist Accused of Making Threats against Corey Jones Prosecutor As Anonymous

June 03, 2016


24 hours after Palm Beach State Attorney David Aronberg announced that criminal charges would be filed against Officer Nouman Rajathe, the cop who shot and killed Corey Jones;

Deputies from both the Palm Beach and Lee County Sheriff’s Department raided the home of a man accused of making online threats against the prosecutor under the guise of the “Hactivist” group Anonymous.

Nathan Dimoff, 24, one of several activists arrested last month for protesting against David Aronberg for not having yet filed charges against Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja, is now accused of posting the prosecutor’s personal information on Anonymous Florida, a website that proclaims to be a subgroup to the international “Hactivist” group.

Dimoff, who runs the South Florida Cop Watch page, said deputies from both Lee and Palm Beach counties raided his Lee County home this morning, banging on his door and ordering him out at gunpoint while they ransacked the home.

“They said it was my IP address that leaked the information,” he said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime about an hour after the raid.

They handed him a search warrant, then spent the next hour searching the home, seizing computers, tablets and phones before they left.

The search warrant, which can be read here, lists other names, so more raids should be expected. Dimoff said they also raided his mother’s home who lives nearby but did not seize anything.


Looking at the Florida Anonymous page, it seems the most important leak was Aronberg’s home address.


That’s not much of a leak when you consider you can find the same information with a few key strokes on Spokeo.

Also leaked were some emails and a cell phone number belonging to Aronberg’s wife, Palm Beach Sheriff Rick Bradshaw, and other staff of the Palm Beach County Prosecutors Office.

Read the complete list published by Anonymous:            CLICK HERE


This all comes from a video that was posted in the usual Anonymous style with a mask-wearing figure speaking in a computer generated voice;

Telling Aronberg to either file charges against Raja or step down from office, or be faced with the prospect of Anonymous members showing up to his doorstep.

That, according to police, constituted a “Threat Against a Public Official”.


What do YOU think?

Cell phone video of Nathan Dimoff’s May 23, 2016, arrest for protesting the killing of Corey Jones by Palm Beach Police Officer Nouman Raja. George Bennett of the Palm Beach Post was also arrested.                      Video by Nathan DimoffW