Broward Lawyer David Rothenberg To Pay Child Pornography Victims $142,600 Judge Rules


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Broward Lawyer David Rothenberg To Pay Child Pornography Victims $142,600 Judge Rules

Child Pornography-Child Exploitation

Child Pornography-A Broward lawyer was convicted of possessing more than 1,000 child pornography photos and videos, which he viewed at home and at his law firm.

He was sentenced to 17 ½ years in federal prison.

David-Rothenburg-Child Pornography
David-Rothenburg Mugshot

Earlier this month a federal judge in Fort Lauderdale also ordered David Rothenberg to pay a total of $142,600 in restitution to nine of the children who appeared in the disturbing digital images.

Much of the material involved torture and extreme violence

David Rothenberg never met any of those nine victims.

Judges are issuing rulings that recognize that Rothenberg, and others like him, still cause these victims a significant amount of continuing harm.

David Rothenberg and other criminals who download child pornography via secretive online networks, are all links in “these complicated and sordid chains of exploitation,” Senior U.S. District Judge William Zloch wrote in his restitution order in the Rothenberg case.

Child Pornography- Research shows the internet has dramatically increased the number of criminals who sexually abuse children, sometimes in extremely violent ways, then trade or share video and photographs of the child exploitation online with other people who get pleasure from viewing it.

Experts say most of the harm the children suffer is caused by the person, who is most commonly a family member or so-called friend, that sexually abused them and created a permanent record of it.

It’s important to point out this was an attorney in Broward County, and he could have one day became a judge in Broward.

A county in Florida where the court is referred to as a “Circus” with the judges being the “Clowns”.

Attorneys in South Florida have been referring to the Broward County Court, (17th Judicial Circuit), in that way for several years on some social media and popular court related blogs and websites.

Lawyers are prohibited from making or publishing statements that criticize at sitting judge, so all those comments are posted anonymously.

If you follow these sites, as we do, you’ll find that the comments are truly made by attorneys.

 That’s something to keep in mind as we near fall this year. In 2018 several judges in Broward will be up for re-election.

It’s probably a good idea for us, as voters, to closely scrutinize the attorneys running against them, as well as the judges themselves.


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