The Todd Watson Saga Part 1 Introduction

The Todd Watson Saga Part 1 Introduction

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The Todd Watson Saga Part 1 Introduction

The Todd Watson Saga Part 1 Introduction
The Todd Watson Saga Part 1 Introduction

If you live in South Florida you may have heard the name, Todd Edward Watson. Mr. Watson was arrested in July of 2017 on several counts of making “Threatening and Harassing Phone Calls” to several Broward County Judges, and Broward State Attorney Michael Satz.

Some of those charges were upgraded to “Extortion” when the case was transferred by executive order of then Florida Governor, Rick Scott, to Miami-Dade county because of the charges involving the State Attorney, and Broward judges.

Mr. Watson made videos of himself making those calls and posted them on YouTube. He also sent copies to us here at South Florida Corruption. Those videos are posted on our YouTube channel under the playlist, “Todd Watson”, and can be viewed in their entirety by going to our channel and choosing the Playlist Todd Watson.

Before we go any further with this series we want everyone to understand something. WE DO NOT CONDONE THE HARASSING, STALKING, OR THREATENING, OF ANYONE. 

We put those videos up only because they are necessary to tell this story. They are in fact, actually the basis for the charges brought against him in the 2017 case that he is currently on probation for. THEY ARE IN NO WAY MEANT TO HARASS ANY OF THE INDIVIDUALS MENTIONED IN THEM.

Watson told us that before he contacted our website that he in fact had tried to tell his story to all the Main-Stream Media in the area, including The Miami Herald, The Broward Sun-Sentinel, and Channel 10’s Bob Norman, to name a few of them. He told us the same for all of them, “THEY WERE NOT INTERESTED”.

After listening to his claims, and reviewing the evidence he has, most of it actually being in the court’s own documents and available to anyone with a few mouse clicks, we decided there just may be some merit to some of his accusations and his story should at least be told.

More recently, in March 2020, Watson was once again arrested by the Broward Sheriff’s Office for violating his probation from the 2017 case, and additional charges of “Aggravated Stalking after Injunction”, and one count of repeated harassing phone calls.

With all this, one might ask themselves;


The short answer to that question is NO, at least according to the doctors at South Florida Evaluation and in fact the very courts that tried him. You see the courts would be prohibited from accepting any plea from Mr. Watson if they in fact even had a suspicion that he was unstable.

Those of you that watch the first appearance court videos might remember seeing something along this line there. How many times have you heard the judge say when someone is going to plead out a charge against them;

Are you currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Do you currently suffer from any mental illness, or have you ever suffered from one? All pretty standard questions so the answer we would say is NO.

They did, however, try really hards to prove he was, but we’ll let Mr. Watson explain all that himself in the videos.


This video series is the story according to Mr. Watson.

They are not the result of any investigation by us, other than looking at the court files as he asks everyone to do.

We only gave him a media platform to tell his story in a calm, and coherent way.


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