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Todd Watson Mugshot 2020

 Broward Man Arrested Again For Stalking Judges-Still on probation for his 2018 plea deal for stalking and harassing several Broward judges, Todd Edward Watson was arrested once again on Tuesday for violating his probation and three new charges of Harassing/Stalking judges.

The case he is currently on probation for from 2017 included fifteen counts of stalking Broward judges and State Attorney Michael Satz, which can be found here on our blog.

The reasons why Mr. Watson is so upset go back to an older case where he claims police set him up and charged him with running a “Pill Mill”. He claims the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the Broward State Attorneys Office had planted a “confidential informant” posing as his girlfriend into his office.

He stated that they then had a hand in getting him to hire a doctor that everyone but Mr. Watson seemed to know had Alzheimer’s. The law requires this to be disclosed to him. We spoke with that Doctor’s husband who did confirm she, in fact, was inflicted with the disease.

Watson stated that they then used this doctor who didn’t really even know what was happening, to write out numerous prescriptions for pain killers to people that should not be getting them. He told us there is a lot of proof in the court files themselves, but that deals more with his anger toward the judges.

He has a no-bond hold for the violation of probation, which is actually in Miami-Dade county.

The court ordered bond on the three new charges was set at $100,000.00 for each charge for a total 300,000.00. Watson’s biggest problem right now is the courts in both Broward and Miami -Dade counties are closed for most proceedings due to the Covid-19 virus and no one knows for sure when they will reopen.

That means at least for now, he is stuck with that three-hundred thousand dollar bond since he cannot get a hearing to reduce it until the courthouses reopen.

Since we started writing this story Mr. Watson was back in bond court on both Friday and Saturday with two new added charges. Friday was an added charge of stalking for which the judge set bond at $100,000.00. Saturday was a charge of harassing calls, the bond was set at $1000.00.

That makes a total bond amount of four-hundred and one thousand dollars.

To view the charges from 2017 that Watson is on probation now, see:

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