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Website Owner Sued For Defamation

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Website Owner Sued For Defamation

Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com
Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, RedBroward.com.

Website Owner Sued For Defamation-On Monday, July 30, Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) Secretary  Rupert Tarsey filed a defamation suit against the owner of a  local website called Red Broward.

The website’s owner, Tom Lauder, has been named in the two count suit for Defamation/Slander.

Tarsey’s attorney, Gregg M. Paley, of Lighthouse Point, charges that Lauder;

Defendant’s malevolent attacks against the plaintiff have included publishing false and defamatory statements in his personal blog, initiating harassing texts to the plaintiff’s personal cell phone number and sending a venom-spewing and despicable email at 2:40 a.m. in the morning containing loathsome and repugnant language that would shock the conscience of any reasonable adult.

In his capacity as the erstwhile reporter for redbroward.com- despite having no media credentials whatsoever and no actual corporate entity existing under that name – Lauder has published at least six different “articles” that contain multiple instances of false and defamatory statements causing harm to the plaintiff.

So What Is Red Broward Doing Wrong As They Claim?

Defendant’s malevolent attacks against the plaintiff have included publishing false and defamatory statements in his personal blog, “

Mr. Lauder is not the only one that published statements about Rupert Tarsey .

Several MSM outlets with the credentials they claim Lauder does not have published the very same accusations. Here are some of them:

The LA Times

As a teen, he savagely beat a classmate. The attack was forgotten, until he went into politics-It began a decade ago, some 2,700 miles away at the exclusive Harvard-Westlake High School, a private college preparatory academy where tuition this year is $37,100 and which is a magnet for the children of Los Angeles’ elite.

The Miami Herald

The Broward County Republicans are in turmoil today after revelations that a freshly elected member of their executive board is a man who once was charged with attempted murder in the savage claw-hammer beating of a then-classmate at a Los Angeles prep school for multi-millionaires’ children.

The Sun Sentinel

Broward Republican secretary Rupert Tarsey, who beat a young woman with a claw hammer a decade ago, gets to keep his party post, even though the state party chairman said he’s an embarrassment and should resign.”

Coral Springs Talks

Before changing his name in 2009, he was known as Rupert Tumin Ditsworth. Tarsey came from a wealthy family. His grandfather Jason Tarsey was the owner of the historic Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas and his mother is a real estate heiress.

Sunshine State News

Who knew the Rupert Tarsey of 2017 Fort Lauderdale is the Rupert Ditsworth of 2007 Beverley Hills, Calif.? Google Rupert Tarsey, you get nothing; Google Rupert Ditsworth, you find the local party secretary has a past that’s begun to spill on the Broward Republican Executive Committee like a can of wrong-color paint.

Ditsworth/Tarsey was arrested and charged in 2007 with premeditated attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly beat fellow student Elizabeth Barcay with a claw hammer, “causing lacerations to (her) head, face and legs, District Attorney Lisa Tanner said.

The Daily Mail

A man arrested in a savage claw-hammer beating of a then-classmate at a Los Angeles prep school for children of multi-millionaires was elected secretary of the Republican Party of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida earlier this year.

They also claim that because he left text messages and voice mails at 2:49 Am, that somehow denotes some kind of harassment, or Mr. Lauder may be drunk.

Get with the times. Who answers their phone at that time?

A text at that hour somehow means harassment? This is just self serving.

We’ve said before;

Free SPEECH is under attack in broward

Since when does the first amendment to the constitution require that you have some sort of licence to exercise free speech? Although they claim that Mr. Lauder AKA Red Broward, Has no “legitimate” press credentials, many members of the MSM give him legitimacy.

From Red Broward’s About Us Page

Covering South Florida Politics Since 2010…As Seen On: POLITICO, The Huffington Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, WPLG LOCAL 10 (ABC MIAMI), The New Times.

Part of what his accusers claim is he lacks legitimate press credentials. What that attorney is talking about is that he might lack is a press badge issued by someone like the sheriff’s department, or something like credentials to go behind crime access, or maybe even the White house.

That does not mean that he is not legitimate.

With websites like Red Broward. and us, South Florida Corruption, and so many others, they cannot allow a hundred or so of us to have that type of security clearance to go behind the scenes.

That does not mean that we are not legitimate, Or recognized ;

judge Barbara Duffy:

Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com Judge Barbara Duffy
Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com Judge Barbara Duffy


Judge Kal  Evans:

Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com Judge Kal Evans
Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com Judge Kal Evans


Also, Sheriff Scott Israel:

Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com Sheriff Scott Israel
Website Owner Sued For Defamation Tom Lauder, redbroward.com Sheriff Scott Israel
No Credibility?

Hey, try going up to Broward’s sheriff, and see if you can interview him, put a mic. in his face, and get answers. Or the several judges he has interviewed, and say to yourself, what is credibility Broward.

We just discovered  this a few days ago, we are keeping a close watch on this case and will let you know when we know more.

Read the full complaint



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