MAN ARRESTED FOR STALKING BROWARD JUDGES-Last week Broward Sheriff Deputies arrested a Fort Lauderdale man, for “stalking and harassing” several Broward County judges according to authorities.

Todd Edward Watson Mugshot

Deputies arrested Todd Edward Watson and charged him with fifteen misdemeanor counts of “stalking-harassing” a county official. 

Mr. Watson has accused the judges of some serious criminal acts relating to a previous 2009 criminal conviction for:

Driving Under The Influence and Possession of Oxycodone.

He was later re-arrested and the charge was changed to Trafficking Oxycodone 28g><30k.

In Florida, if you don’t have a prescription, simple possession of certain controlled substances can end up with you being charged with the weight, not the number of pills you have.

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The mainstream media is doing what they normally do, sensationalizing the story to sell advertising calling him a “convicted drug trafficker”, portraying him to be a lot worse than the truth of the situation.

We never spoke to Mr. Watson, so all we can go by is the emails he sent us and the court files.

It seems the trafficking charge comes from a business he owned that was labeled a “Pill Mill”. It may also be the business he claimed was fire-bombed.

Mr. Watson contacted South Florida Corruption in early April with his story.

Among some of his claims are that after his conviction, in which he entered into a plea bargain and was sentenced to six years, he was brought back to court after a short time in prison, and re-sentenced to 25 years.

He said this was done illegally, and filed his own appeal on that matter.

Apparently it was not done legally, because the 4th District Court of Appeals agreed with him, and reinstated the original six year sentence.

He was now free to leave prison because at the time the 4th DCA reinstated the original six year sentence, he had been there now for eight years. This is part of where his anger  is coming from.

After being released Mr. Watson called several Broward judges and voiced his “opinion” about his case. He recorded these calls and published several videos of those calls on YouTube. He then contacted us at South Florida Corruption and several other websites and asked us to publish them too.


In these videos, Mr. Watson never threatens anyone with violence. He doesn’t say he’ll hurt anyone. The worst thing he says is that he wants to see them all die in prison. 

As you listen to these calls keep in mind it is not a “crime” to make untrue statements about someone. if the statements are not true, that is what’s called a “Tort”. A civil matter where the only remedy is a civil lawsuit, not jail.

Yes, most of these calls are made to sitting judges. But we would remind everyone that in Florida judges are elected officials. If you were to call your state legislature or any of your elected officials and just stated your displeasure with some of their actions, would you think you could be arrested?

The judges snap their fingers, The sheriff’s office jumps, and the guy is arrested

We personally know a few people, and are sure some of you do also, that had some ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, calling and leaving much worse messages as this guy did. One woman was stalked for nine months by her ex-boyfriend who left almost eighty very threatening voice mails. Saying thing like he’ll set the car on fire, burn down the place she was living at, people are going to be wearing concrete vests. among them.

When these people called the police they got responses like, “oh, that’s free speech, he hasn’t broken the law YET”, In other words, they did nothing and claimed not to be able to.

But in Broward County, the most disciplined county in the state by the Florida Judicial Qualification Commission, (JQC), and the Florida Supreme Court, the judges snap their fingers, the sheriff’s office jumps, and the guy is arrested.

If you were to call, say Marco Rubio’s office and leave a message like:

You a**-hole, I didn’t like the way you voted in congress last week. I feel like you put the constitution on the end of a flag pole and rammed it up my a**. I want to see you die in prison.

Do you think the Secret Service would be showing up at your door? Probably not because you made no specific threat. Part of an elected officials job is to listen to their constituent’s “opinions”.


The only time the judges in Broward care about what voters think is when they’re up for re-election

Mr. Watson is charged with fifteen misdemeanor counts and his bonds total $100,000.


One hundred thousand dollars for misdemeanors that do not even involve any “physical” actions, only speech. He made about seventeen calls he videoed and uploaded, and he’s charged with fifteen counts. Coincidence?

He may have made other calls that only the police and state attorney know about and have recordings of, the case is to new for anything to be in the court records yet. But if all they have are the recordings that match the videos he uploaded, than they might have a hard time convicting him.

Another interesting thing about this case is-Watson was arrested July 18th. The very next day the office of the public defender filed a motion with the court to be removed from the case.???

What? They’re trying to make the guy go through this without a lawyer? What are these people trying to pull? A misdemeanor like he is charged with carries a maximum penalty of up to one year in the county jail, and or a maximum $1000.00 fine.


A sheriff’s deputy stated to us that they are trying to get YouTube to take the videos down. Good luck with that one. Looks like some people don’t want the public to hear them.

We are publishing his videos on our YouTube Channel, in the interest of justice, information and free speech. We have previous permission to publish these videos, and Mr. Watson both created and uploaded the videos to his you tube channel and according to YouTube, he is the legal copyright holder.

Don’t forget, there is a judicial election next year in Broward County., and we vote in August, not November. We back no candidate, we say vote them all out every time!



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