Broward Young At Art Museum A Big Scam?

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What started out as a good idea several years ago, a museum dedicated to children’s art is beginning to look like nothing more than a scam on the taxpayers of Broward County


Broward Young At Art Museum
Broward Young At Art Museum

September 18, 2016

What started out as a good idea several years ago, a museum dedicated to children’s art is beginning to look like nothing more than a scam on the taxpayers of Broward County.

 The Broward Young At Art Museum, YAA, located at 751 SW 121st ave. Davie Florida, has been drawing a lot of online attention the past few days over a couple of very controversial issues.

 The first is that it seems that they haven’t been paying their rent to the county for nearly a decade.

 We understand that anything involving the arts may need a little help getting started, but a decade? If you go there and look at what is being called art, you’ll see for yourself this crap looks like something acquired at a flea market.

 Okay, maybe we don’t know art, we believe we do, however it’s the second part that has everyone up in arms and asking a lot of questions.

 The second part is who is running this place


 Chairman of the Board David Di Pietro, Esquire whose wife is Broward County Court Judge, Nina W. Di Pietro, and Broward County Commissioner Mindy Shrago, married to former Broward Judge Jay Spechler. She is the Executive Director/CEO of the museum.

 It turns out that Mindy Shrago has had several of her family members employed at the museum, collecting pay checks while the museum has not been paying it’s debts.

 Public records show Shrago’s salary has increased since the museum defaulted on its county payments.

 Her salary went from $125,000 in 2012, to $140,387 in 2013, to $152,407 last year, to $160,680 today.

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4 thoughts on “Broward Young At Art Museum A Big Scam?”

  1. This is so stupid. Why wouldn’t the director of an institution get paid ? No Logic, here. Only weird uninformed and sexist accusations. It seems the museums only mistake was allowing Broward the Opportunity to be home to such an incredible institution – one they surely don’t appreciate or know how to help/support ! They Should have opened in Miami or New York. This is one of the most incredible children’s museums in the nation. It has an amazing reputation in the international museum scene. Of course stupid Broward doesn’t know how to appreciate and support what it’s got. Shame on you, this is about bettering our county’s youth and the life saving outlet that art can be.

    1. Wow
      Of they should be paid. We are not say they should not be paid.
      By the way what do you mean by sexist?
      “Only weird uninformed and sexist accusations”
      Nice try. Our problem is who is employed there.
      We are going to get all financial records and when we do, bet we find a lot of vendors are also related to board members including everyone from the people selling art, to the soda machine vendors and who supplies toilet paper.
      Who do you think you are kidding.

      What is the problem with an audit. What are you scared of? What’s stupid is how SO MANY PEOPLE who are obviously scared of scrutiny. We know now how important it is to have this investigated and you can believe we will if we have to do it totally ourselves. They think they can hide it but it’s public records. WE WILL FIND OUT!
      The petition is only to have an outside audit performed and for the commission to take notice and find out if state laws or county charter has been violated as far as employment and contracts to family member are concerned.
      Only sounds sexist if your saying a certain sex has a free pass at breaking the law.
      You would only be concerned if that were the case.
      By the way:
      Chairman of the Board
      David Di Pietro, Esquire
      David Di Pietro & Associates

      So are we sexist against men or women.
      How dare you accuse us of any racism, or are YOU to stupid to know it’s the same thing?
      Typical BS. Your argument has no legitimacy Why would you be afraid of an audit?
      You try to distract from the real issue of possible theft and corruption, screaming racism.
      They are PUBLIC ELECTED OFFICIALS. In that capacity they have no privacy, can only try to use people like you to help them hide it.
      Again they should get paid, it’s the family employed that got our attention.
      By the way, It has an amazing reputation in the international museum scene.
      Really? So after all these years at $14.00 admission, they can’t pay bills?
      Also helping disadvantaged children?
      Thanks for mentioning that. We are looking into federal dollars allocated to them for that. Lets see what we find.
      if we run into brick walls, the fact that a spouse of a sitting judge and the spouse of a former Broward judge are on the board , we can maybe get the FBI involved as they and their spouse are ELECTED.

    2. Also the son posts “art” of naked kids. Sorry-that is like a call to pedophiles. Why post that right before you post a recruitment for volunteers? YAA wants the support of the county but doesn’t want to be held accountable table to the people. Good work for getting this done!!!

      1. We agree, but we understand art can be very sexual.
        Look at rock&roll.

        But there is something really weird going on there for sure.

        The bigger concern we have is how a currently sitting County Commissioner, a former judge & spouse of a sitting judge, can employ half their family there and owe the county millions of dollars, then have the nerve to file a lawsuit recently against Broward County to keep the issue from being discussed at commission meetings.

        Talk about abusing the system.


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