Media’s Irresponsible Reporting About Gregory Frazier Officer Involved Shooting

Gregory Frazier Officer Involved Shooting
Gregory Frazier Shooting _ New Times Broward


September 25, 2016

Media’s Irresponsible Reporting About Gregory Frazier Officer Involved Shooting

This is why we are never in a hurry to “just get the story up”.

We want to wait and see, get all the facts, and then publish.

At the end of this article we give you BOTH COMPLETE 911 calls. Listen for yourself


Something else they are not reporting, is that the 911 caller, (his sister), said he had drinking all day. (First 911 Call)

 When anybody has been drinking all day, they can do some really stupid things.

Most people in that state of mind, would tend to be both confrontational and argumentative.

The outrage about an officer-involved shooting involving a black man, Gregory Frazier, who was shot while eating chicken wings in his own backyard, has most of the main-stream media reporting the story in a way to obviously sway your opinion while totally ignoring some of the facts

This story is a perfect example of how the media alters details to paint a picture of excessive force to sell advertising.

 The shooting occurred when Broward County deputies responded to 911 calls of a domestic disturbance on Friday at around 10 PM.

 Gregory Frazier was drunk, damaging property, and he pulled a knife on his family members.

 Deputies arrived and found Frazier in his backyard. While the deputies were speaking with Frazier, they claim he pulled a knife on them.

 Both deputies opened fire on Gregory Frazier, killing him.

Frazier was on his feet, with the knife in-hand, within close proximity to the deputies at the time he was shot.

 Investigators released two 911 calls to the media about the incident.

 According to Blue Lives Matter:

 Despite the many news outlets reporting on this incident, we were only able to find one reporter who reported on this incident without omitting key parts of the calls.  Erika Pesantes with the Sun Sentinel.

 The Sun Sentinel? Guess there’s a first for everything. That really suprised us.

 Despite having the 911 tapes, other news outlets are not reporting this. Several outlets mention the 911 tapes, but they make no mention of the contents.

 Local news station WSVN released a small portion of one of the tapes, which omitted any information about Gregory Frazier being armed with a knife or that he pulled it out on his family.

 The fact that Gregory Frazier pulled a knife on his family doesn’t fit the media reports that he was just using a “rusty pocket knife” to eat chicken wings at the time he was shot.

 If Frazier had pulled the knife on his family to use as a weapon, then he wasn’t just using it to cut up chicken.

 By the way people think, how many of you eat chicken wings with a knife?

­ ­According to BSO on their Facebook page:

Read the Full Story Here with the Both Complete 911 Calls:                     Click Here!




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