Florida Supreme Court Suspends Miami- Dade County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz

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Florida Supreme Court Suspends Miami- Dade County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz

Judge Jacqueline Schwartz
Judge Jacqueline Schwartz

“You are a f—ing idiot, you don’t know who I am,”

Judge Jacqueline Schwartz-The Florida Supreme Court suspended a Miami-Dade County judge after two incidents last month in which she appeared impaired while on the bench.

The allegations against Schwartz came four months after she was disciplined by the Supreme Court for a 2014 incident in which she was accused of using profanity and threatening to sue a convenience-store owner who would not allow her to display a campaign sign at the store.

In this new case, an investigative panel of the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission said Schwartz was observed “acting in an irrational and disorderly manner” on March 18th at a Coconut Grove restaurant.

One of the JQC documents said Schwartz was observed to be impaired, spilling a glass of wine on herself, and pouring water on the floor of the restaurant while attempting to refill a water glass. Restaurant Staff also observed Judge Schwartz to be unsteady on her feet, swaying, stumbling, slurring her words, and having twitching eyes.

 When the restaurant staff decided that they should no longer serve wine to Schwartz, she became irate, and began yelling and swearing at the restaurant staff in full view of the restaurant guests.

 You are a f—ing idiot, you don’t know who I am,” County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz yelled at a waiter at the restaurant after she was refused more alcohol, according to a Judicial Qualifications Commission report released on Monday. It also quotes the judge calling police officers “pigs” who couldn’t do anything to her because she was a judge, when they were dispatched to the restaurant on March 18.

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Monday July 18, 2016      Judge Jacqueline Schwartz

In a surprising move, Miami-Dade County Court Judge Jacqueline Schwartz informed Governor Scott that she is resigning from the bench.

Rather than face continued scrutiny by the Florida Supreme Court, and an ongoing investigation by the JQC, which is in the midst of its inquiry into her most recent actions while on, and off, the bench, Schwartz chose to end the case, and her judicial career.


Surprisingly, Schwartz chose to resign rather than continue her battle to retain her job. She was represented throughout the JQC proceedings by attorney Jeffrey Feiler.

 The resignation is effective as of July 31, 2016

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