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­Brady List


Police officers who have been dishonest are sometimes referred to as "Brady cops."


Because of the Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys whenever a law enforcement official involved in their case has a sustained record for knowingly lying in an official capacity.


For the available Florida Brady Lists


State Attorney's Offices


Contact info for ALL Florida States Attorney Offices







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Florida State Attorney Contact Info

Florida State Resources


Florida Statutes and Constitution


FDLE-Division of Corporations-Department of Corrections


Crime statistics-Supervisor of Elections, and more....Click Here

Legal balance Book and Gavel
Cartoon cop tazering for nothing
Other Useful

How To File a Complaint

About a Police Officer











Here's information on filing a Complaint against a Police Officer. Internal Affairs, Criminal, Civil State or Federal.


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File a Complaint About a Lawyer




Florida Bar Complaint Information



Florida Bar
Form PDF








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Before Continuing we Strongly Recommend that you read the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar - PDF.


These are the rules all attorneys must follow. In order to make a complaint, the attorney must violate one or more of these codes.

Florida State Attorney Contact Info

Useful Resources


These are some of the Services that may be useful to you.


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South Florida Judges Contact Information



Judge, Judicial Assistant, Phone Number, Chamber, Courtroom, and Division Name.



Miami-Dade County


85 Secrets Fathers

Need To Know To

Survive The Corrupt

­Divorce Courts and

Save Their Children




A Handbook for Saving Yourself and Your Children from “Legalized” Kidnapping for Profit








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Download Broward County Judges Directory

What is the JQC








Beginning March, 2010, the Commission has established this site as its official web presence. Here you will find basic information about the Commission, the downloadable complaint form that may be filled out electronically, as well as information on who they are and how they're structured.



Be real now, This is no joke. Remember who you're dealing with here. You can't make a complaint just because you don't like a Judge's decision.


This should only be used in the most extreme cases such as a Judge being drunk or intoxicated in court, or a clear violation of your civil rights.


This service has only been available since 2010. SO DON'T ABUSE IT!­

For a list of attorneys in Florida that are willing to sue the police for you:


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Florida Clerks of Court


Florida Clerks of Court and other Useful Florida Court Websites.....Click Here

Download Miami-Dade County Judges Directory


How To File a Complaint About a Judge





Before Continuing we Strongly Recommend that you read the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct.


These 7 "Canons" are the rules all Judges must follow. In order to make a complaint, the Judge must violate one or more of these codes.

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Broward County Judiciary Seventeenth Judicial Circuit





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Broward County Judiciary Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
gallery/jqc dismisses ethics charges against john contini judicial qualifications committee