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Deputy Goes From Jail to Hospital After Arrest for Hit and Run, Drug Charges



July 06, 2016
























Broward sheriff's Deputy Santiago Mayorga, 22, was arrested Tuesday and charged with leaving the scene of a crash and possession of marijuana, LSD and Adderall.

(Photo Courtesy / Broward Sheriff's Office)



July 06, 2016


A Broward sheriff's deputy has been taken from jail to a hospital after a woman accused him of a hit-and-run and a search of his patrol car and home turned up a residue-coated marijuana grinder, about ¾ of an ounce of marijuana, 10 hits of LSD and also Adderall.


After spending a night in jail, Santiago Mayorga was hospitalized early Wednesday for a medical evaluation.


Medical staff at the jail recommended Mayorga's hospital evaluation.

Mayorga is suspended with pay. He has been relieved of his badge, BSO identification card, and BSO vehicle while the investigation continues.

Mayorga was off-duty when the alleged crash happened. He told investigators he was returning from a friend's home.


A search warrant turned up 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana, six grams of Adderall, 10 hits of LSD and various smoking utensils, investigators said. The marijuana grinder was found in the center console of Mayorga's patrol car and a cigarette wrapper containing an unidentified "chalky residue" was on the passenger's seat, according to a sheriff's office arrest report.


Penny Reynolds said she was driving her 2012 Mazda when Mayorga side - swiped her with his marked patrol car as she exited Interstate 95 and merged onto Copans Road about 10:20 p.m. Monday.

"I was jolted unexpectedly," said Reynolds, of Pompano Beach. "I couldn't believe it was a deputy's car and he wasn't stopping."

Scratches and dents on Reynolds' vehicle and Mayorga's patrol car were consistent with Reynolds' account of the hit-run, the report said.


When investigators went to Mayorga's Pompano Beach home Tuesday morning, through a window they saw a plastic bag filled with marijuana on a living room table and drug paraphernalia on the floor.

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BSO Deputy to Enter Drug Rehab after

Arrest for Drug Charges

Following July

Hit And Run



AUGUST 10, 2016

Broward Sheriff's Deputy Santiago Mayorga agreed Wednesday to enter a 12-month drug rehab program to dismiss felony drug charges that were filed against him after he was involved in an off duty hit and run incident in Pompano Beach last month.

The hit and run charge, a misdemeanor, still remains against him.

Defense lawyer Alan Grinberg said Mayorga, only 22, admitted the drugs were his and conceded that he needed help.

"It's unusual for a police officer to go into a drug court program," said Grinberg. "But in this case it was the just thing to do."

The transfer of the case to drug court was administrative and not part of a deal with prosecutors, said Broward State Attorney's Office spokesman Ron Ishoy.

The deputy appeared Wednesday before Broward Circuit Judge Michele Towbin Singer, who approved the deal. If Mayorga completes the drug rehabilitation program, the felony drug charges he faces will be dismissed.

He has been suspended with pay since the accident.

The suspension is now without pay while an internal investigation continues.

Deputy Mayorga will still face a court case for the hit and run charge. His future with the department will not be determined until Sheriff Scott Israel completes his own internal investigation.

22 year -old Santiago Mayorga, has been with the department for just over a year.

He pled not guilty to charges stemming from a July 4th hit and run accident in Pompano Beach.

After hitting another vehicle on Copans Road after exiting I-95 while off duty in his patrol car, Mayorga went to his home.

Investigators arrived there and found marijuana in a plastic bag as well as paraphernalia in plain sight. He was charged with four felony counts, including possession of LSD and amphetamines.

Mayorga will still face a court case for the hit and run charge.

Mayorga's next court date is scheduled for August 22.




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