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Kreg Costa Mugshot

BSO Sergeant Accused in Child Porn Case in 'Grave Condition' After Shooting Self




June 16, 2016



Early Wednesday BSO deputy Kreg Costa bonded out of jail on a $250,000 bond.

BSO Sergeant Accused in Child Porn Case in 'Grave Condition'
After Shooting Self.


According to BSO, 43-year-old Sgt. Kreg Costa was transported to Broward

Health Medical Center suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


Wednesday night He was listed in grave condition.

He died this morning Thursday June 16, 2016.


Our prayers to his family, they were victims too after all.


Costa has been with BSO since 1999 and had been suspended without pay.
















Deputy Kreg Costa has died from a self-inflicted gubshot wound Friday June 17, 2016.




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BSO Sgt. Kreg Costa arrested on child porn charges
























Detectives say sergeant solicited teen for sex acts on work issued laptop






June 09, 2016


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel announced the arrest of Sgt. Kreg Costa during a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Deputy Kreg Costa was arrested Thursday on more than two dozen child porn and other illicit sexual conduct charges.

Sherriff Scott Israel said an investigation began in April after staff at the BSO's Weston district, where Costa works as a road patrol supervisor, noticed that he was staying in his office during his night shift with the lights turned off and his uniform belt and gun removed.


Detectives began monitoring Costa's internet activity and determined that he was engaging in sexually explicit exchanges with a 16-year-old girl via email, Twitter and video, Coleman-Wright said.

She said Costa told the California teenager to record herself while she engaged in sex acts.

The girl told investigators that she first started communicating with Costa, whom she knew by his Twitter handle @CallMeSir34, when she was 15.

Costa was arrested Thursday morning after he arrived at work for a training class, Detective Coleman-Wright said.

He was initially suspended with pay effective April 25, but has since been suspended without pay.

Investigators announced Kreg Costa, 43, who liked to be addressed as “Daddy,” spent three to four hours per midnight shift not on road patrol, but in his Weston office viewing online pornography featuring underage girls, incest, bondage and domination and having cybersex chats with a California teen.



According to the arrest warrant, Deputy Costa used his training and experience working with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force "to seek and lure in a child, who was a 4.0 grade point average high school student from a church-going family, and manipulate and groom her for his sexual gratification."

All the charges stem from Costa’s online activity with a 16-year-old California girl, identified online as “Babygirl.” She was 15, and told Costa so, when they began communicating last August. Over eight months, Costa engaged in sexually explicit conversations with her and coaxed her into supplying him with a steady stream of sexually explicit photos and videos of herself, a two-month investigation revealed.

Investigators next installed hidden cameras in Costa’s office to monitor his activities. The surveillance confirmed that while at work, “Costa was viewing hardcore pornography” and recorded him taking photos of his penis with his cellphone camera, documents show.

Investigators also found a “semen-splashed” photocopy of a picture of a young blond girl.

Evidence indicated Costa had masturbated on the picture while in a restroom at the Weston station, the arrest affidavit said.

Costa used the alias “Steven Jones” to set up several social media accounts. Using “callmesir34” as his online handle.

Costa was especially active on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and email, the investigation revealed.



The arrest affidavit also included excerpts of exchanges between the sergeant and teen:

Q: What’s Babygirl doing tonight?

A: Nothing daddy

Q: Daddy needs a pic…


“This investigation into Sgt. Costa’s fetishes showed he is infatuated with incest and his relationship with the girl was his way to pretend he was in an incestuous daddy/daughter relationship,” the affidavit said.


On June 2, investigators traveled to California to meet with the girl and her parents.

In a sworn statement, the girl confirmed her email address and the Twitter accounts she used to communicate with Costa, starting when she was 15. She said she knew Costa was in his 40s, lived and worked in Florida and was married with children. She did not know he was a law enforcement officer, the affidavit said.


She tearfully told detectives “she was uncomfortable with the things Costa would ask her to do and she did not know why she agreed to do them.” She said she “thought it was helping her be more confident” but concluded that it did not, the affidavit said.


When she revealed to Costa that she was “really insecure,” he told her that “no matter what, she was beautiful” and when she twice tried to cut off their communications, Costa reeled her back by saying, “God forgives,” the affidavit said.

Personnel records list Costa’s salary last year at $146,000, including more than $10,000 in overtime.


According to Sherriff Scot Israel;

“These charges are deeply disturbing. These allegations, if true, are reprehensible,”

“We're not going to stand for this type of behavior. It was illegal, it was immoral, and it tarnished the badge.”


Bond set at $250,000 for Broward Sheriff’s sergeant arrested on child porn, illicit sex charges







JUNE 10, 2016

Bonds totaling $250,000 were set Friday for the veteran Broward sheriff's sergeant Kreg Costa, who was arrested on charges related to child pornography, illicit sexual conduct and lewd or lascivious battery.

At the hearing in front of Broward Circuit Judge Michael Davis, restrictions were also put on his use of electronic communication, travel and contact with his own five children when he bonds out of jail.

As of June 13, 2016, he is still in the Broward County main jail.

It would seem even the union does not wants to help him out.


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