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Falsifying Reports, Hiding Drugs in His Squad Car, Stealing from Suspects, Beating Juveniles, Jailed three times:

The Cop Who Can’t Be Fired





















                                                                                                                                                                    Sgt. Bosque                                                      

Jul. 2, 2012

·      Sgt German Bosque has been investigated by police over 40 times

·      Opa-Locka Police Department subject to 41 internal investigations last  year alone

·      Bosque claims he is the subject of witch hunt

·      He has been arrested and jailed three times and fired at least six times

·      Currently suspended on full pay pending investigation into misconduct




Despite multiple investigations and numerous attempts to dismiss him, it seems like Sgt. German Bosque, of the Opa-locka, Fla., Police Department is the police officer who can’t be fired.

He has been accused of falsifying reports, car theft, beating juveniles, boarding a plane with a loaded gun, possession of narcotics, and stealing from suspects.

He has been disciplined for driving with a suspended license, disobeying direct orders, and engaging in high-speed chases

(One of which resulted in four deaths).


And then there’s this:


In February 2008: The state attorney’s office began noticing that key drug evidence in some of his cases was missing. Bosque’s police car was inspected, and investigators found an empty Smirnoff vodka bottle, a small bag of cocaine, crack pipes, Florida license plates, a pile of driver’s licenses he had seized, along with a stack of arrest reports he had never turned in.


He was expelled from police academy twice and fired from two other departments before joining the Opa-locka force.


He has a long record of misconduct and has been investigated dozens of times by the police.  He has been arrested and jailed three times and fired at least six.


He has been disciplined more than any officer in the Sunshine State, and yet, he’s still on the payroll.



How has he not been kicked off the force yet?



First, it probably doesn’t help that the Opa-locka Police Department itself is an infamously corrupt mess.


In 2011, there were over 40 internal investigations, which, when you consider the fact that the department only has 68 officers, is staggering.


Add to that, the department has a high turnover rate. Since first joining the Opa-locka force in 1993, Sgt. Bosque has had over15 different police chiefs.



When the sergeant was busted with a vodka bottle, the bag of cocaine, etc., the state attorney didn’t prosecute him because “there was no evidence of criminal intent,” the Miami Herald reports.


At other times, the Opa-locka department simply “dropped the ball on almost all the internal affairs complaints on Bosque,” the report adds.


And as for the bureaucratic red tape, the Herald explains:


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, which reviews police misconduct, has repeatedly declined to strip Bosque of his law enforcement certificate.


The state’s police unions have successfully persuaded legislators to pass laws that protect officers and provide loopholes that allow cops like Bosque to keep their badges and their guns.


Furthermore, according to The Florida Department of Law Enforcement,The department is not allowed to consider an officer’s misconduct history when ruling on a specific case.”


If a police chief doesn’t have the power to fire them he or she is helpless,” said Retired North Miami Police Major, Bob Lynch.


It comes down to whoever has the final say, whether it’s the human resources director or the mayor. Plenty of police chiefs try to fire nasty cops and get stuck right back with them,” he added.


Sgt. Bosque believes the current investigation against him is part of a “witch hunt” and that he’s really a good cop. He admits that he made mistakes when he was a rookie, but now he’s all grown up and different. “Back then I was a big hot dog.


I was catching bad guys, getting commendations while all the other guys were lazy,” he told the Miami Herald.


I love being a policeman. I love looking in the mirror and the person I see.”


But to Opa-locka Police Chief Cheryl Cason, “He is a time bomb that has now exploded,” she said.


Watch the CBS Miami news brief:



And can you believe now:


Sgt. Bosque is currently under suspension pending yet another investigation into misconduct. He stays at home and collects his $60,000-a-year paycheck for doing nothing, according to the Miami Herald.












May 01, 2013

Assault Rifle at Center of

Opa-locka Cop’s Proposed Firing


















                                                                                                                                               (Sgt. German Bosque)

May01, 2013


It’s not every day a rapid-fire assault weapon is put on display in a city hall conference room, but Bosque is not your everyday cop. He’s the most disciplined, fined, fired, arrested police officer in the state.

He has been fired eight times by three departments. Opa-locka is now trying to fire him – for the sixth time – with none of its previous efforts succeeding.

Wednesday’s there was a hearing before arbitrator Jeanne Wood who will determine if Bosque’s alleged carelessness with his rifle warrants dismissal.

Out for eight days last spring on sick leave, Bosque left the rifle in the custody of the father of his girlfriend.

The city’s attorney, Joe Geller, argued that Bosque violated the police department’s policy that officers keep their weapons safely secured at all times.


The Miami Herald reports Bosque has successfully beaten back allegations over the years including:

·      Having busted the skull of a handcuffed suspect.

·      Beating Juveniles

·      Having dope and booze in his squad car

·      Ripping off suspects

·      Falsifying reports

·      Participating in an unauthorized chase where four people were killed

·      And calling in sick…from Cancun.


“It’s allegations. Allegations are not convictions,” said Bosque’s union provided attorney, Andrew Axelrad. “We have a system in place and that system is a fair system.”


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which licenses cops, may have had enough. FDLE staff will recommend at an expected decertification hearing in coming months that Bosque’s license be yanked.



The last straw with FDLE investigators apparently centers on

Bosque allegedly running criminal checks on people while off duty.


Bosque’s attorney claims the investigators have misread Bosque’s work schedule in comparing it with the dates he was conducting the background checks.













June 07, 2013

German Bosque Arrested: “Florida’s Dirtiest Cop” Charged With Kidnapping Man Who Wanted To File Brutality Complaint





















                                                                                                                              German Bosque

June 07, 2013


Former Opa-Locka Police sergeant German Bosque has been arrested for kidnapping a man who wanted to file a police brutality complaint against him.


German Bosque, turned himself in to Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials Friday afternoon and was being held without bond at Miami-Dade’s main jail, according to an FDLE release.



Today he is in jail, charged with kidnapping: From the Miami Herald:


Former Opa-locka police Sgt. German “GB” Bosque, who has been jailed four times and has a longer internal affairs rap sheet than any cop in Florida, is back behind bars.


State investigators arrested Bosque, on Friday evening, charging him with kidnapping, battery and tampering with a witness who had tried to file a complaint against Bosque. He faces life in prison if convicted of the kidnapping charge, a

first-degree felony.



From a previous Huffington Post report:



Bosque’s troubles began even before he allegedly head-butted a handcuffed suspect, spit in a drunk man’s face, swept the legs of a handcuffed man, caused and then tried to cover up a crash, and slapped a minor so hard the child’s face was swollen the next day. They began while he was two weeks from graduating from the police academy when, according to records and admissions obtained by the Herald- Tribune, Bosque was arrested with a stolen car, semi-automatic weapon, and store-bought “POLICE”

t-shirt and badge... In Opa-Locka...


he has been promoted to sergeant himself despite rulings that enough evidence exists to say alleged acts occurred in cases of battery, perjury, theft of city resources, conduct unbecoming, official misconduct, breach of duty and excessive force, reports the Herald-Tribune. In telling the story of a 2008 interaction with a teenager that led to a formal complaint, Bosque told a reporter it could have been worse: “I’m lucky he was a Hispanic kid. If he was black they would have rung me up for a civil rights violation.”

“I’m conceited about only one thing in life, and that is that I’m an excellent police officer,” reads the profile on a Facebook page that appears to belong to Bosque... “Fortunately or unfortunately, it was my calling.”













June 20, 2014


Jury finds Opa-locka police Sgt. German Bosque guilty on 2 counts






















                   (German Bosque found guilty of false imprisonment, witness tampering)




June 20, 2014

Opa-locka police sergeant German Bosque was found guilty on two of three charges in the trial of the so called "dirtiest cop" in Florida.


A jury found police Sgt. German Bosque guilty of false imprisonment and tampering.


Bosque was also facing a charge of battery, but he was found not guilty on that count.


"It's just never a good day when you have to bring down a police officer because we expect them to protect us, so it's kind of bittersweet," said assistant state attorney Sandra Miller Batiste.



Korey Davis claimed Bosque punched him in the face while he was holding his 14-month-old baby in April 2011 and placed him in a holding area against his will when he went to the police station to file a report against Bosque.


The defense only called two witnesses, former Opa-locka Police Chief Cheryl Cason, who Davis called the night of the incident to ask for advice, and Davis' ex-girlfriend, who was present the day of the alleged assault.


Bosque decided not to testify in his own defense.


His lawyers said they plan to appeal.































                                                      (Sgt. German Bosque)



June 22, 2014

Excerpts from


Sgt. German Bosque is the poster-boy for the corruption that has engulfed our law enforcement organizations. He was kicked out of the police academy for stealing a car and impersonating a police officer, but still managed to work his way into law enforcement. For 20 years he terrorized Opa-locka citizens, breaking more laws than the people he was arresting.


Sgt. Bosque could not do this alone, it took the cooperation of a dysfunctional department, a broken system for internal investigations, and the police union. Dozens of complaints were ignored and never properly investigated, but he was still investigated at least 40 times by internal affairs. At least seven investigations led to substantiated findings, and the facts were reviewed by Florida's Department of Law Enforcement Investigations.

The board allowed Bosque to get away with several serious infractions, and even when they did fire him, the union would fight to get him reinstated.


Even with a system that allows law enforcement to continuously break the law, Bosque finally was indicted, tried, and convicted with false imprisonment and tampering after handcuffing and detaining a man in order to prevent him from filing a complaint of brutality. His career should have ended in 1994 when Bosque was first caught falsifying a police report, but the corrupt system allowed him to victimize the public for almost two decades.


During his misguided career, dozens of complaints were never properly investigated by the Opa-locka Police Department. Many were later closed during a records audit, which stamped most of them as unsubstantiated. Even with many being ignored, at least 40 complaints were investigated by Internal Affairs.


Investigations Into Sgt. Bosque:


·      Car Theft

·      Board a plane with a loaded gun

·      Driving with a suspended license

·      Having Counterfeit money, an empty alcohol bottle, illegally seized ID's, cocaine, and crack pipes in his police vehicle

·      Using excessive force

·      Participating in an unauthorized police chase

·      Transporting drugs

·      Head-butted a handcuffed suspect

·      Spitting in a handcuffed drunk man's face

·      Swept the legs of a handcuffed man

·      Caused and attempted to cover-up a vehicle accident

·      Slapped a minor in the face causing swelling

·      Perjury

·      Theft of city resources

·      Conduct unbecoming

·      Official Misconduct

·      Breach of Duty

·      Stalking



Bosque considered himself a tough guy cop, but followed a pattern of brutality against children and handcuffed men.

His acts of brutality often included statements from officers, giving testimony that agreed with the version of events that agreed with the abused, not the officer.

His violent acts and lies did not stop when he was off the clock.

One investigation found that the officer slapped himself in the face in order to set-up his girlfriend for charges. He called 911 and claimed that she hit him.

The investigations also found that he broke several department rules. These included defying direct orders, lying to supervisors, and falsifying police records. But there was normally little to no punishment, and they continued to allow the officer to wear a uniform and have the authority to enforce the law.


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigations



Out of the various investigated complaints, only 7 were considered substantiated by investigators. In order to be substantiated, they must determine that there is enough sound evidence to conclude that the infraction occurred. Many of the investigations had evidence against Bosque, but the high standard of proof prevented most from being considered substantiated.

Once the complaint reaches this level, the facts are turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigations (FDLE). The state law requires that a board review the evidence of any case that is substantiated, in order to determine if it should result in a change to the certificate that allows the officer to enforce the law.


The majority of the cases ended with the board decided that no change was needed, and Bosque should continue to be certified to enforce the law. His certificate was put on 'probation' after Bosque spit in the face of a detained man, but it turned out to be a fake probation. Bosque violated the terms of a the suspension he received for the same incident that placed his certificate on probation. The board reviewed the case, and even though his certificate was on probation, took no action.


The board finally made the decision to revoke his certificate after he was caught with drugs and ID's in his police cruiser, but the union was able to swoop in and reverse the decision with the grievance process.


The Union has fought to put systems in place that protect the officers that abuse their authority and break the law.

The German Bosque case shows their utter lack of integrity, as they continue to support and fight for one of the biggest scumbags every exposed in law enforcement. They were aware of the evidence that proved his unlawful and predatory actions, but choose to fight to keep him certified as a law enforcement officer.


Politicians often put their hands up when questioned about law enforcement officials that continue to wear a uniform after violating their oath. They claim their hands are tied due to procedures that are influenced and created with the guidance and direction of the police unions.

This allows the elected representatives to be shielded from the outcome of bad decisions made in regards to having the authority to enforce the law.

This also allows police officers to confidently break the law without the consequences that should follow.


This scandal may be about one officer in one department, but like the lump we finally find, it is a symptom of the disease and not the cause.

It is a relief that Bosque will finally pay for some of his crimes, but cutting out the lump does not always cure the disease.

We need to do more than just look for the lumps, we need to completely remove the cause and allow the system to work as it was originally intended.

The power must be taken from this private business called a union, and given back to the people who were intended to wield it.








NOVEMBER 20, 2014

Notorious Opa-locka cop gets 364 days in jail






















                                                            (German Bosque Found Guilty)



NOVEMBER 20, 2014

Former Opa-locka police Sgt. German Bosque will remain free on bond as he appeals his conviction for tampering with a witness who had tried to file a complaint against him.


According to the Miami Herald;

Former Opa-locka Sgt. German Bosque breathlessly defended his police career.

He called himself a “community officer.” Sure, he had over 40 internal affairs complaints over two decades — but that’s because he was a “hunter” not afraid to root out the bad guys.

I hate lazy police officers,” Bosque told a judge Friday. “I wasn’t one of those and that’s why I have over 40 complaints.”


And he insisted, over and over, that it was the “sensational” press fueling the criminal probe that brought him down. “Only the media wants to get rid of me,” Bosque said.


Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Miguel de la O listened thoughtfully but was not swayed.

He sentenced Bosque to 364 days in jail for handcuffing and cursing out a man who had walked into the Opa-locka police station to file a complaint against him.


You didn’t like it and then you betrayed your oath,” de la O said. “You let down your community and you let down your fellow officers.”



When Bosque leaves jail eventually, he’ll also have to serve four years of probation, plus complete 500 hours of community service.


In August 2011, Bosque was called to the scene of a domestic dispute between Korey Davis, a youth counselor, and his baby’s mother.

Davis told jurors during Bosque’s trial in June that during the incident the sergeant unjustly punched him. Ultimately, Bosque did not arrest Davis.

Immediately afterward, Davis went to the police department to file a complaint against the sergeant.

During the trial, jurors heard that Bosque hurled the man’s cell phone across the police department lobby, handcuffed him and cursed him out before finally letting him go without an arrest.



I should have been allowed to walk into a police station and make a complaint, no matter how long it took, no matter what time it was,” Davis told the judge Thursday.

Jurors acquitted Bosque of battery but convicted him of two felonies: witness tampering and false imprisonment.

The imprisonment charge didn’t hold up, the judge, while frowning upon Bosque’s behavior, ruled that prosecutors failed to prove Bosque acted without probable cause.

He dismissed the charge.

But the witness tampering charge troubled de la O.

The jury got it right,” Judge Miguel de la O said.


He fully admitted cursing out Davis. “I didn’t ‘F’ him. I let him go. I could have F’ed him,” he said.

Bosque said he connected with citizens in the predominantly African-American population of Opa-locka “better than black officers.”

He sounds a little delusional to me; maybe he should seek professional help.



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