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Broward Sheriff Announces

All Uniformed Deputies to be Equipped with Body Cameras by the End of 2017























January 07, 2016


Happy New Year South Florida and here’s something that should make all of us happy.



In his monthly newsletter, dated January 1st, 2017, one of the things the sheriff announced was that by the end of 2017, “all uniformed deputies” will be wearing them.


The sheriff stated in the letter:

“Changes within BSO will also continue to progress. Our proactive body-worn camera initiative will expand so that all uniformed law enforcement deputies will be equipped with body cameras by the end of 2017. The program is our most visible commitment to providing transparency and enhancing community trust.”


That’s great news for Broward County.


Now of course they will have the ability to shut them off, but the sheriff has said when he first introduce them last year, that if they do, they had better have a good reason to do so.


What, you may ask would be a good reason?


Well, one might be if they were going to talk to a confidential informant.

We couldn’t imagine any of them talking to the officer with a camera running.

Another good reason would be if someone objects to it running inside their home.

None of us would really want video taken on the inside of our homes, but on the other hand, maybe it would be safer for us to allow it.

We contacted the sheriff and his public information officer via email to ask them two more specific questions on this issue.


1.   What will that bring the actual number of deputies to that will be wearing them by the end of the year?

2.   You said “all uniformed deputies. Does that also include the deputies assigned to work at the jails?


At the time of publication of this article, we have not yet heard back from them.

We all know he was a little busy at the airport Friday.

As soon as we hear from them, we’ll update this article.

By the way, to both the sheriff and especially the Deputies-

Great job bringing this guy down without having to shoot him.

Although it may anger some, the fact is this individual is more than likely sick, and may end up in a hospital not a prison cell.

If he is found to be sane at the time, than no doubt this state will execute him.



South Florida


Broward Sheriff Scott Israel


Monday January 09, 2017


We just recieved an answer from the sheriff's public information officer, Gina Carter, Here was their response to those two questions:


Good afternoon,


We estimate the number to be around 1200 Department of Law Enforcement deputies by year-end. 

Deployment in Department of Detention is still being planned.


Gina Carter

Public Information Officer

Broward Sheriff’s Office


Right now there only about 180 deputies wearing them.

So that certainly is good news for Broward County.



Especially since it looks like eventually they'll be deployed to corrections deputies.

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