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Broward Sheriff's Office Sergeant Arrested for Grand Theft and

Official Misconduct Charges
































Sgt. Ivan Roiz, 47, is facing charges of grand theft, official misconduct and
Organized scheme to defraud, officials said.




September 23, 2016


A Broward Sheriff's Office sergeant was arrested Thursday on multiple charges.


Sgt. Ivan Roiz, 47, is facing charges of grand theft, official misconduct and an organized scheme to defraud.


He was booked into the Broward jail and was being held on $3,000 bond, records showed.


He bonded out of jail Thursday evening and declined comment to awaiting reporters.


He has been with the agency for 14 years.

Hired by the department in March 2002.


He has also been suspended without pay, agency spokeswoman Keyla Concepcion said.


The BSO's Public Corruption Unit began investigating Roiz after learning that the sergeant failed to report to BSO communications, as required by policy, while working an off-duty assignment at the Isles of Weston, Detective John Calabro wrote in his arrest affidavit.


According to the report, Roiz claimed to have worked off-duty assignment at the Weston community 25 times between March 1 and June 6.


After a review of the off-duty records, it appears that Roiz never called BSO communications to inform dispatchers of his presence there.


Detectives with BSO's public corruption unit began an investigation and placed a tracker on his BSO-issued vehicle, the affidavit said.


Deputy Roiz submitted 12 invoices between July 25 and Sept. 7, for the Isles at Weston, claiming that he had worked off-duty assignment there.


A review of the tracking charts by BSO detectives showed that his vehicle was at home on all those dates except one, when he had a loaner vehicle without a tracking device, detective Calabro wrote in the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, Roiz submitted invoices for more than $1,100 for details he didn't work.


To Sherriff Scott Israel-

Keep up the great work. You’ve done a lot to clean up the Sheriff’s office since being elected. You’ll have our vote this fall.




South Florida


Ivan Roiz
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