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Former BSO Officer of the Month Arrested on 7 Counts of Shoplifting
















­Photo from Sun Sentinel




September 10, 2016


Broward Sherriff’s Deputy, Dean Korenic, and also May 2006 Officer of the Month,  is suspended without pay and facing a felony charge after being accused of shoplifting everyday household items from two WalMarts in Coral Springs, according to records obtained Friday by the Sun Sentinel.


Surveillance video shows Deputy Dean Korenic, 46, shoplifting on seven occasions, investigators say. He was in uniform one of the times and drove away with his stolen goods in a marked patrol car three other times, records show.


Deputy Korenic was arrested Tuesday and spent a night in jail before posting $3,500 bond on a felony charge of scheme to defraud/obtain property under $20,000, records show.


He has been a deputy for 14 years.


"In review of the video ... the theft was apparent and intentional," an affidavit said. "The thefts were committed both in and out of BSO uniform."


He earns $72,735 a year. So what is accused of stealing?

Believe it or not:


Cool Water cologne, Jergens lotion, paper towels, disposable razors, detergent, syrup, toothpaste, bar soap, a canister of Maxwell House coffee and a carton of eggs.


Sheriff Scott Israel said "It's discouraging to see and read and hear about."


"He disgraced the badge, but at this time I choose to focus on the men and women in our public corruption unit whose job it is to investigate deputies who don't do everything the right way. They got right to it, they investigated it thoroughly.

We're not going to tolerate police misconduct and deputies committing illegal acts."


Although each alleged theft was for minor amounts, $34.13 on May 13, $49.54 on May 27 and $7.27 on June 16, all totaled together, they add up to a 3rd-degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison.


How did he do it?


He would do his shopping, go to a self-checkout and scan some items but not all. He would then slip the un-scanned items into his shopping bag and leave the store, according to the arrest affidavit.


The first alleged theft was committed May 13 at a WalMart located at 6001 Coral Ridge Drive.


When the deputy struck there again on May 23 he was wearing "a BSO patrolman's green short sleeve Class B uniform," the arrest affidavit said.


When he returned June 3 he was dressed in "civilian attire" but drove his marked cruiser. His final shoplifting spree at that store was June 18, records show.


Two of the three times he stole from a WalMart at 3801 Turtle Creek Drive he left in his patrol car. He wore street clothes each time, May 27, June 5 and June 16, the arrest affidavit said.


Store security picked up on the deputy on June 3 when he was seen concealing a bottle of cologne in a pair of grey slippers.


A loss-prevention officer followed him to the parking lot and saw him get into a patrol car.


The officer took down the plate and car numbers.


A loss-prevention manager then performed an audit of the debit card he used and came up with numerous transactions which helped investigators identify the deputys other alleged thefts.


"Korenic was readily identified via video, by his tattoos and by the use of his personal Chase debit card," Detective Joshua Web wrote in the arrest affidavit.



We again state our support for Sherrif Scott Israel. He has done alot to clean up the Sherrifs Department since being elected.

Deputy Dean Korenic
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