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Sweet Water Cop
Alejandro Ramos




Alejandro Ramos
Accused of Lying
About 2015 Traffic Crash




























Alejandro Ramos accused of lying about 2015 traffic crash




April 18, 2016


­Sweetwater police officer arrested on official misconduct charge Alejandro Ramos accused of lying about 2015 traffic crash.

A police officer from Sweetwater was arrested after he falsified an official statement about a traffic accident he was involved in last year.


According to the warrant, Ramos was responding to a call for an officer needing assistance at a nearby Wells Fargo Bank. He told Florida Highway Patrol troopers that he was following a marked SUV and he activated his lights and siren and looked both ways before crossing the red-light.


Authorities said Ramos claimed that a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck "came out of nowhere" and struck his car.

Troopers initially gave the other driver the ticket, because Ramos claimed to have "cleared the intersection" and "proceeded with caution."


A red light camera is located at the intersection and captured Ramos failing to stop at the red light, the warrant said.




















Authorities said the first police officer in the SUV did stop at the intersection, but Ramos, who was following at a distance, never stopped or slowed down before crossing the intersection.


He was arrested on a charge of official misconduct by a public servant. He has since bonded out of jail.


Ramos is a former internal affairs detective for the Sweetwater Police Department, a police agency that has a long history of police corruption.


Sweetwater Police Chief Placido Diaz, who was sworn in last October as 15 cops resigned after a string of scandals and corrupt police chiefs, tried to give the impression that he was cleaning up the department, according to WSVN.


“This is behavior that cannot be accepted,” said Sweetwater Police Chief Placido Diaz.


“It felt really horrible seeing one of our own being taken to jail,” said Diaz. “But, then again, the norm here and in the past with prior police administrations were, in some cases, that cover ups were the norm. But that’s not the norm here anymore.”


It was less than a year ago when it was revealed that property, weapons and money had gone missing from the department’s evidence room.


And it would be great to believe Chief Diaz in how he plans to keep the department clean, but he also has a scandalous and bullying history, according to Miami investigative reporter Al Crespo.


Ramos also has a history of bad driving, has been involved in four accidents during a five month span while working as a South Miami police officer, which led to him having to resign from that police agency.


The only reason this latest incident came to light was because CBS Miami published an investigative report last year after obtaining the traffic video.


The news report determined that Ramos was driving 50 mph in a 40 mph zone and that the driver of the other car was left with $1,000 in damage. It was only after that report that the Florida Highway Patrol chose to withdraw the citation against him and cite Ramos instead.


Alejandro Ramos
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