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Palm Beach Judicial



Palm Beach County, Florida Judicial



Palm Beach County is located within the Florida 15th Judicial Circuit




The people of Palm Beach County are served by a circuit court and a county court





The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has jurisdiction in Palm Beach County. Appeals from the Southern District go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit





Palm Beach Clerk of Courts:


Judges contact phone list:

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Circuit courts



Chief Judge:

Jeffrey Colbath


Edward Artau

Thomas H. Barkdull, III

Peter D. Blanc

Catherine M. Brunson

Charles E. Burton

Cheryl Caracuzzo

Howard K. Coates

Martin Colin

Luis Delgado

James Ferrara

David E. French

Jeffrey Dana Gillen

Jaimie Goodman

Donald W. Hafele

Laura Johnson

John S. Kastrenakes

Dina Keever

Glenn Kelley

Gregory M. Keyser

Janis Keyser

Kathleen J. Kroll

James Martz

Joseph Marx

Krista Marx

Karen M. Miller

Richard L. Oftedal

John L. Phillips

Meenu Sasser

Rosemarie Scher

Samantha Schosberg Feuer

Lisa Small

Amy Smith

Scott Suskauer

Jessica Ticktin

Kirk C. Volker





County courts


August Bonavita

Ted Booras

Sandra Bosso-Pardo

Marni A. Bryson

Frank Castor

Barry M. Cohen

Reginald Corlew

Sheree Davis Cunningham

Paul Damico

Mark Eissey

Peter Evans

Edward A. Garrison

Leonard Hanser

Bradley Harper

Robert G. Panse

Nancy Perez

Dana Santino

Caroline Shepherd

Debra Moses Stephens

Daliah Weiss




Senior Judges


Retired judges who wish to remain active and offer assistance to the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit are approved for recall by order of the Florida Supreme Court. Senior judges are vested with all necessary powers to complete judicial assignments.

They are used for lengthy trials or special category cases; educational, professional or personal absence of a presiding judge; vacancies; and cases requiring out-of-circuit judges.


Judge Eli Breger

Judge Howard H. Harrison Jr.

Judge Paul Moyle

Judge Richard B. Burk

Judge Roger B. Colton

Judge Sandra McSorley

Judge Susan R. Lubitz

Judge Nelson Bailey




Palm Beach County Florida

Free Public Records Directory

Palm Beach County Court Records




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