South Florida Corruption

Gavel with blood

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are



Other Videos

other videos


Other Videos are videos of Public Corruption other than the courts or police. Also what we would call Public Service Videos.


Videos such as ones released by the Broward Sheriff's office that are usually tied to a minimum $3,000 Broward Crime Stoppers Reward.


Not all the videos under this heading are tied to some form of corruption, or are a PSA. We may get creative with this catagory.


Wheel of Fugitive


Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey will never be mistaken for Pat Sajak.


His weekly "Wheel of Fugitive" broadcast in Brevard County, Fla., posted to Facebook, isn’t a game contestants want to win.


Each Tuesday, a new fugitive is singled out for attention based on the luck of the spin. Ivey’s "game

show," complete with flashy graphics and a rock soundtrack, has caught numerous fugitives. Some

even turning themselves in. This playlist updates every week.

Broward Sheriff-Crime Stoppers

Surveillance Videos Released By The Broward Sheriff's Office

The following surveillance video are videos released by the Broward Sheriff in press releases.


They are all connected to Broward Crime Stoppers with a minimum $3000.00 cash reward. We've seen rewards there for as much as $20,000.00.


You can remain completely anonymous.

This playlist updates whenever we upload a video to it.

Broward Sheriff-Crime Stoppers