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Former Opa-locka City Manager

Pleads Guilty on

Corruption Charges


















Photo Miami Herald



Tuesday September 13, 2016




Former Opa-locka manager  David Chiverton, pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday to using his office to pocket thousands in cash bribes from local business owners in one of the largest corruption cases in South Florida.


The former administrator is among a host of Opa-locka government leaders who were caught shaking down businesses in exchange for permits and water connections during an FBI sting, which used informants who videotaped the illegal payoffs in parking lots, a restaurant and a bathroom in

City Hall.


A state financial board overseeing the city’s operations declared that Opa-locka is on the edge of bankruptcy and may not have enough money to pay its workers through the end of the year.


An indictment is expected to be returned by a grand jury in Miami that will likely name other known figures, including City Commissioner Luis Santiago.


Public Works Supervisor Gregory Harris pleaded guilty two weeks ago to a bribery charge.


­Harris and Chiverton began cooperating with the FBI after a  raid on City Hall in March.


They made deals with prosecutors in exchange for their knowledge about extortion activities in nearly every city department, including code enforcement and water services.


For the past two years, Chiverton joined with Santiago, Harris, Corleon Taylor, the son of Mayor Myra Taylor, and City Hall lobbyist Dante Starks in a scheme to enrich themselves by demanding “payments and other things of value” from Opa-locka businesses, according to the government’s case.


Chiverton obtained “illegal payments” from three business owners who worked undercover, carrying concealed recording devices into the meetings.


With Chiverton’s cooperation, the FBI and prosecutor Ed Stamm may be able to build an even stronger case against other city officials suspected of shaking down local businesses for cash.


Just take a look of the character of these people.


When they finaly get caught, how they just can't wait to rat-out the rest.

More indictments will be coming in Opa-Locka.

David Chiverton
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