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Broward Young At Art Museum

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Y.A.A. Suing

Broward County













Wednesday October 20, 2016


On Monday,  one day before a County Commission meeting on what to do about the scandal plagued Y.A.A., attorneys from the Gilbert Law Group Filed a civil suit for the Broward Young at Arts Center naming Broward County, Artsmarket Inc., Louise Stevens, and John Stevens as defendants in a civil case for damages over $15,000.00.

First this was a legal maneuver to stop the Board of County Commissioners from being able to address the YAA issue, at least for now.

They’ve admitted that, and we agree they had legitimate reasons to do it.




It’s what they said in their pleadings

that got our attention





Beginning on page five, Item 25 they alleged


To view the complete 148 page 

PDF complaint in a separate tab


Click Here


25. Upon the execution of the Initial Agreement, the County knew or should have known that YAA would not have been able to make the annual payments pursuant to the Initial Agreement.


26. Upon the execution of the Initial Agreement, Commissioner Lois Wexler knew that YAA would not have been able to make the annual payments pursuant to the Initial Agreement.


Really, are you kidding me?


The County knew, or should have known that the YAA couldn’t keep the deal?


It seems from their own sworn complaint, they are admitting that from the very beginning, that the YAA entered into this agreement in bad faith.


If the County “knew, or should have known”, then the YAA should have known too.


Looks like the entered into this agreement with no intention of paying the County what’s due them.


They also state in their suit that “it was a hell of deal for the County”.


Yea, a deal they were not forced to take. That sounds a lot like buyer’s remorse to us.


Looks like maybe they wanted to just get up and running so they could start milking the “Public Cow”.


Now, with all the money they owe Broward County, they have the audacity to sue them?


Is this how they plan to pay the back rent? By suing the very County they owe the rent to?




The YAA should be ashamed of themselves.




Broward County has been very patient and gracious with the Young at Arts Center.


We’d be willing to bet that if it wasn’t for all the scandals surrounding the Young at Arts center such as the “Pen-15 (“Penis”) club, Vaginal Flowers, parties with topless dancing with Donald Trump piñatas, and Executive Director/CEO Mindy Shrago hiring several members of her family and taking large salary increases for herself every year, the County would still be being patient.


Given all the attention surrounding the YAA, which they brought on themselves, it seems the Board of County Commissioners has run out of patience.


It’s also beginning to look like the people of Broward County have been suckered by the YAA.








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