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Public Corruption 12

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Broward County






Screwed by Broward

Part 1 Intro






Who is Mr. Johnnie Scott,

And what is His Story?

























                   Mr. Scott & Daughter­







February 23, 2017



A single father with three children, he was falsely accused of several serious felonies.


Two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, and 1 count of bringing and brandishing a firearm on school property.


He spent over two years in jail, lost custody of his children and pretty much everything he owned.


This was the beginning of 2013.


He was found not guilty by jury trial in the spring of 2015.


This could’ve been stopped at any time by any of the players except him and his lawyer.



Scary to know that all it can take is one pissed of kid, one pissed off cop, one judge with an attitude and a possible racial problem, and a public defender’s office, or as he calls them, “Public Pretenders”, that’s far to busy and understaffed to do anything but plead their clients out.



We have good information that last year alone more than fifty public defenders resigned in Broward with more planning on doing so this year. We’ll be doing a short story about that too.


His story is long and a little complicated for just one even long article.


So we’ll be doing a series of them starting with this introduction, a short what’s it about. Then we are going to go into all the details with the future articles.


He is single father with sole custody of his three children.


Mr. Scott moved here with them from one of the northern Florida Counties.


He enrolled his two youngest children in Sunrise Middle School, located at 1750 NE 14th St, Fort Lauderdale.


Not long after being enrolled, a lot of the other children started “picking” on them. That they were new to the school and from a more rural area of Florida is why he figures this was happening.


This eventually rose to the point of bulling. On some occasions as many as 20 students would participate in cornering his son and older sister.


This all seems to have been instigated by one boy and his girlfriend.


Trying to protect his children and do the right thing, he went to the vice-principal, he went to the principal, and he went to the school recourse officer.


Seems no one gave it a lot of concern.


He then told the school resource officer, a Fort Lauderdale Police Officer named Frank Foulks, that he didn’t know how to do his job.


Anyone who really knows the Fort Lauderdale Police would know that’s probably one of the big reasons this crap all started for him.


One pissed off cop, and a probable delinquent egged on by him.


Originally there was a supposed some ten witnesses, all children, that claimed to witness this, but in the end, only one is willing to testify.


According to him and what we see, He was the ringleader.


In the following articles, we provide his sworn deposition so you can see what you think about this “Child”.


Good reading.   A young man thinking he can run his streetwise BS by adult educated lawyers.


To make matters worse, he gets charged with child neglect for being in jail, and his kids are put into the foster care system and he still doesn’t have them back.


­Since his arrest and eventual acquittal, Sunrise Middle School has been in the news for guess what, student violence.


In March of 2015, a 13-year-old boy was taken into custody because a search of his book bag revealed he had a .357 Smith & Wesson pistol, a knife, ammunition, a mask and fireworks.   Sun Sentinel Article


Mary Fitzgerald, the school's teacher’s union steward said this is not the first instance of a student bringing a weapon to the school, she said about two weeks ago one of her students brought in a pocket knife, according to the Sun Sentinel.





The video below was originally published on his Facebook page:


We put it here for more exposure and to promote the articles. Below the video is a link to his Facebook page.


It doesn’t say much about this, seems he needed to vent, but it lets you in his head a bit and lets you get to know him a little.



Watch for the next article in this series Screwed by Broward part-2 The Arrest.­


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Johnnie Scott with Daughter
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