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Miami-Dade Judicial



Miami-Dade County, Florida Judicial



Miami-Dade County is located within the Florida 11th Judicial Circuit




The people of Miami-Dade County are served by a circuit court and a county court





The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has jurisdiction in Miami-Dade County. Appeals from the Southern District go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit





Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts:


Judges contact phone list:






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Circuit courts



Chief Judge:

Bertila Soto










Appellate Division:


Marcia B. Caballero

Abby Cynamon

Samantha Ruiz-Cohen



Civil Division:



Antonio Arzola

Jerald Bagley

Jennifer D. Bailey

Jason Bloch

Carol Breece

Beatrice Butchko

Gisela Cardonne Ely

Jorge E. Cueto

Abby Cynamon

Spencer Eig

Gill S. Freeman

Jacqueline Hogan Scola

Norma S. Lindsey

Peter R. Lopez

David C. Miller

Jose M. Rodriguez

Rosa I. Rodriguez

Rodolfo Ruiz

John W. Thornton, Jr.

Daryl E. Trawick

Lisa S. Walsh

Diane V. Ward

Sarah I. Zabel



Criminal Division:


Victoria R. Brennan

Jeri B. Cohen

Yvonne Colodny

Miguel de la O

Veronica Diaz

Ariana Fajardo

Jose L. Fernandez

Stacy D. Glick

Monica Gordo

Eric Hendon

Milton Hirsch

Charlie Johnson

Robert J. Luck

Alberto Milian

Stephen Thomas Millan

Bronwyn C. Miller

Cristina Miranda

Dennis J. Murphy

Teresa Mary Pooler

Thomas J. Rebull

Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat

Samantha Ruiz-Cohen

Migna Sanchez-Llorens

Nushin G. Sayfie

Rodney Smith

William Thomas

Marisa Tinkler Mendez

Dava J. Tunis

Ellen Sue Venzer

Maria Elena Verde



Family Division:



Barbara Areces

Scott M. Bernstein

Marcia B. Caballero

Marcia Del Rey

Maria Espinosa Dennis

Reemberto Diaz

Pedro P. Echarte, Jr.

Mindy S. Glazer

Antonio Marin

George A. Sarduy

John Schlesinger

Valerie R. Manno Schurr

Bertila Soto




Juvenile Division:


Mark Blumstein

Rosa C. Figarola

Alan Fine

Michael A. Hanzman

Richard Hersch

Cindy S. Lederman

Orlando A. Prescott

Mavel Ruiz

Maria I. Sampedro-Iglesia

Maria Santovenia

Angelica Zayas

Martin Zilber




Unified Family Court/

Complex Litigation Division:


Scott M. Bernstein

Rosa C. Figarola

Sandy Karlan

Margaret Ann Rosenbaum

Maria I. Sampedro-Iglesia

George A. Sarduy

Bertila Soto




Probate Division:


Michael A. Genden

Maria M. Korvick

Celeste H. Muir

Bernard S. Shapiro





County courts


Civil division:


Gina Beovides

Don S. Cohn

Jason Dimitris

Victoria Ferrer

Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer

Michaelle Gonzalez-Paulson

Wendell M. Graham

Carlos M. Guzman

Lawrence D. King

Shelley J. Kravitz

Myriam Lehr

Patricia Marino Pedraza

Nuria Saenz

Caryn C. Schwartz

Jacqueline Schwartz -(Resigned effective as of July 31, 2016)

Lourdes Simon

Linda Singer Stein

Laura Stuzin

Teretha Lundy Thomas

Diana Vizcaino




Criminal division:


William Altfield

Michelle Alvarez Barakat

Tanya Brinkley

Betty Capote

Ivonne Cuesta

Dawn V. Denaro

Robin Faber

Mary Jo Francis

Diana Gonzalez-Whyte

Andrew S. Hague

Luise Krieger-Martin

Steve Leifman

Edward Newman

Maria D. Ortiz

Fred Seraphin

Samuel J. Slom

Andrea Wolfson




Domestic violence division:


Donald Cannava, Jr.

Joseph I. Davis Jr.

Victoria del Pino

Carroll J. Kelly

Linda Luce

Spencer Multack

Judith Rubenstein

Deborah White-Labora





Miami-Dade County Florida

Free Public Records Directory


Free Public Records Directory, "Miami-Dade County Court Records"





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