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Know Your Judges

Know Your

Judges Broward




These are week end bond court videos. We thought this would be a good way to show the Broward voters their judges, and let them get to know their judges. Some videos may be old, but these are all sitting judges at the time of this publication.


During the week the bond court judge in Broward is usually Judge Michael Davis. Of course he isn’t expected to work seven days a week, so on the weekends the other judges have to take turns.


We thought it would be a good way to show the Broward voters the different judges they vote for as a majority of them will never see the inside of a courtroom.


Remember, these videos are of first appearance court, (Bond Court), they are just to set a bond and not to argue cases. Still this gives you some idea of the judges attitudes and demeanors.


So, Know Your Judges









Judge Hurley
Judge Michael Davis Swearing in