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Hollywood City


Attorney Arrested


On DUI Charges

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Hollywood City

Attorney Arrested

On DUI Charges


































Wednesday March 15, 2017


Hollywood City Attorney Jeffrey Sheffel was arrested Sunday night by Broward sheriff’s officers on two misdemeanor DUI charges, along with a citation for driving on a sidewalk.


Court records for Broward County show Sheffel was charged with DUI with alcohol or drugs, first offense;

Bond $500.00


DUI with damage to property or person;

Bond $1000.00


Driving on a sidewalk or bike path;

Bond -0-


He posted a $1,500 bond.


Sheffel has been the city attorney for the city of Hollywood about nine years.

Before that, the University of Miami Law School graduate spent two years as the deputy city attorney for the city of Boca Raton.


When Mr. Sheffel was released from the Broward County Jail Monday, Local News 10’s cameras were waiting for him and surprise; he made several statements to them on camera.


Here’s what he said;



Sheffel told Local 10 News that he thinks he fell asleep after a long flight back to South Florida when he drove his car onto the sidewalk of the Hollywood Boulevard Bridge.

"I think I fell asleep and had the accident," Sheffel said.

Sheffel said he had just gotten into town after a red-eye flight from Colorado.

"I am diabetic, and I had not had my diabetes medication in some time," Sheffel said.

The car got wedged between the barrier curb of the bridge and the sidewalk, on the sidewalk. They had to have two tow trucks pick the car up and set it back into the street in order to haul it away.


According to Officer A. Laframboise (#3324) of the Hollywood Police Department:

The suspect vehicle was facing east-bound, in the southern sidewalk over the bridge.    The vehicle had a guard rail on its left and a concrete wall on its right, pinning it.     

He further advised that he observed the vehicle traveling in reverse, in movement in what he believed was an attempt to get the vehicle unstuck.
























That’s not what he said to police though the night of his arrest.

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit,

Sheffel was "dazed and confused," smelled of alcohol and had difficulty understanding instructions.

Broward Sheriff Deputy Sean Williams wrote in the report that Sheffel told him, "I know I had too much to drink" and "I had too many beers."


Sheffel also refused to submit to a lawful breath test;

From the arrest paperwork:

Based on the defendant's performance of the exercises and other observed factors, I determined I had probable cause to arrest the defendant.   

I placed the defendant under arrest for DUI, handcuffing (double-locked) the defendant.  I then requested the defendant submit to a lawful breath test, which Sheffel refused. I then read the consequences of refusal by means of the Florida Implied Law.

Sheffel advised that he understood, and again refused at 2030 hours.


Lawyers always tell you when being arrested to keep quiet, and never discuss your pending case.

That’s some advice he should have probably followed himself.

Maybe the city of Hollywood should be wondering if they’re getting their money’s worth.

Today he asked the Hollywood City Council for a thirty day leave of absence.

The City Council  granted his request by a majority vote.


Just another example of Public and Judicial Corruption-Misconduct in South Florida.


Arrest paperwork---- Click here for PDF file



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