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Did the Hacktivist Group Anonymous Influence Palm Beach County Prosecutor






June 02, 2016


Yesterday, the Grand Jury concluded its review of the use of force by former Palm Beach Gardens officer Nouman Raja, which resulted in the death of Corey Jones.


Chief Assistants Brian Fernandes and Adrienne Ellis presented the evidence before the Grand Jury.


The Grand Jury yesterday had found that Mr. Raja’s use of force was unjustified.


Pursuant to this finding, the State Attorney’s Office has charged Mr. Raja with 2 counts:



One count of Manslaughter by Culpable Negligence, which is a second degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison; and One count of Attempted First Degree Murder with a Firearm, which is a Life Felony punishable by up to life in prison.


Mr. Raja has been arrested and taken into custody.


We are making available to the public a copy of the probable cause affidavit, which outlines the pertinent portions of the investigation and findings.





So, Did The Hactivist Group

Influence The Prosecutor?




April 29, 2016


On April 29, 2016 Anonymous launched Operation  #OpAronberg.


They released the following video and press release to call for the arrest and indictment of Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja for the October 2015 shooting death of black church musician, Corey Jones.


They demanded that Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg turn over evidence to the Grand Jury for possible indictment of Officer Nouman Raja.


Giving them 18 days to reconsider sending the matter to the Grand Jury for review.


They claimed to have sensitive information about The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office and The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department


As proof they released the private phone numbers and Email accounts of the Sheriff, Rick Bradshaw and employees of The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office.


Click Here  to Read The Transcript.­




















While peacefully protesting 10 activists, and 2 journalists including George Bennett of the Palm Beach Post.


They were arrested for Trespassing for illegally crossing the railroad tracks.


There were no signs posted, and The Sheriff’s Officers who followed the protesters constantly, did not warn them.


Two of the protesters needed medical assistance.


They were also taken to a County Facility, where they were questioned about the group Anonymous, and threatened by The Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office with the Department of Homeland Security.


They then posted the following Video on May 23, 2016:





















­                                       Then this one....­



















June 01, 2016


Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja is arrested and charged with one count of Manslaughter, and one count of attempted First Degree Murder, for the shooting death of Corey Jones.


­You Decide!



















­Cell phone video of Nathan Dimoff's May 23, 2016, arrest for protesting the killing of Corey Jones by Palm Beach Police Officer Nouman Raja. George Bennett of the Palm Beach Post was also arrested.                               Video by Nathan Dimoff    ­­

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