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Published on Jul 1, 2015


Please, note that this story was updated. Read till the end of this blurb.
"Judge Murphy's actions disgraced the entire judiciary of Florida," the Judicial Qualifications Commission wrote in Tuesday's court filings. "A truly contrite Judge Murphy would avoid heaping blame on others, would accept without reservation the discipline proposed by the Hearing Panel in this matter and would be grateful that removal was not recommended. Instead, what we see is a grudging acceptance and a continued, major effort to deflect his own responsibility onto someone else for his egregious wrong."
Thus story ended relatively well -- Judge Murphy was "fired" by the Florida Supreme Court:
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Published on Mar 31, 2015


A Brevard County judge's career is on the line as he tries to explain why he got into a profane, verbal fight with an attorney in his courtroom before it turned into a physical fight.

Published on Sep 6, 2015


The actions of three Broward Circuit judges, charged with driving under the influence, have left a black eye on the Broward judiciary.
Circuit Judge Cynthia Imperato was arrested for drunken driving in Boca Raton. County Court Judge Gisele Pollack was arrested in Plantation following a collision with injury to the other driver. And most recently, Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal was arrested at the judge's parking lot gate after deputies reported she hit the gate and a patrol car.

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Published on Jan 6, 2015


Broward County Judge Gisele Pollack had a second chance to keep her job by staying sober on the bench, and she squandered it, the state's Judicial Qualifications Commission ruled Monday, January 5, 2015


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Published on Nov 6, 2013


Boca Raton police arrested Cynthia Imperato after she was pulled over late Tuesday on West Palmetto Park Road. On Wednesday afternoon, police released a 911 call made by another driver who saw Imperato.


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Drunk Lady
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Published on Nov 18, 2013


Judge Cynthia Imperato's Dash Camera Video, from her recent DUI arrest.

May 27, 2014


After being arrested for DUI at the downtown court house when she crashed into the gate at the secure parking lot, then crashing into a BSO police car,

Rather than face the wrath of the JQC and the Florida Supreme Court;


Broward Judge Lynn Rosenthal Resigns


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Pollack, who resigned Jan. 6 before the Florida Supreme Court could remove her from the Broward County Court bench, is returning to the job she held before she became a judge — assistant public defender.


Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein said that Pollack will work in the office's Early Representation Unit, representing clients who can't afford private attorneys between first appearance and arraignment. She'll be making less than half the $138,000 annual salary she was paid as a Broward County Judge from 2004 until her suspension last year.


A recovering alcoholic, Pollack suffered a relapse that became public when she took the bench drunk twice in three months, then got into an accident while driving drunk last May.


She pleaded guilty to the drunk driving charge and was sentenced to probation, but her decision to accept legal responsibility and civil liability for her conduct was not enough to convince the state's Judicial Qualifications Commission to let her stay on the bench.

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If you live in Broward County Florida and plan on voting for judges, watch this. We saw an article where this judge claims to be a friend to the black community. This is the same judge who last year sentenced a 23-Year-Old Black man to 60 Years in Prison last year, (2015)


Judge Destry was defeated in yesterdays election. (2016) He's Gone!!!

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