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Broward County




Broward County

Florida Judicial



Broward County is located within

The Florida 17th Judicial Circuit



The People of Broward County Are

Served by a Circuit Court

And a County Court




The 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, has 90 Judges - 58 Circuit and 32 County - and 11 General Magistrates and Hearing Officers





 Broward Clerk of Courts:


Judges contact phone list:


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Circuit Courts


Florida 17th Circuit Court


Chief Judge:

Jack Tuter























Criminal Division:



Paul L. Backman

Martin J. Bidwill  

David Haimes

Ilona M. Holmes  

Ernest Kollra

Jeffrey R. Levenson  

Michael Lynch  

Barbara McCarthy  

Lisa Porter

Ari Abraham Porth

Alberto Ribas Jr.  

Michael A. Robinson  

Michael Ian Rothschild  

Elizabeth Scherer  

Andrew L. Siegel  

Anuraag Singhal  

Michele Towbin Singer

Michael Usan





Probate Division:



Dennis Bailey

Charles M. Greene

Mark A. Speiser





Civil Division:



John B. Bowman  

Fabienne Fahnestock  

Marina Garcia-Wood  

Michael L. Gates  

Charles M. Greene  

William W. Haury, Jr.

Patti Englander Henning

Jose Izquierdo

John T. Luzzo

John J. Murphy, III  

Sandra Perlman  

Carol Lisa Phillips

Mily Rodriguez-Powell  

Carlos Augusto Rodriguez  

Stacey Schulman

Jack Tuter




Domestic Violence Division:



Geoffrey D. Cohen

Michael G. Kaplan

Kathleen Mary McHugh





Juvenile Division:



Martin R. Dishowitz  

Kenneth Gillespie  

Edward H. Merrigan Jr.  

Michael J. Orlando  

Carlos S. Rebollo

Elijah H. Williams  

Susan Lebow  

Stacy Ross

Hope Tieman-Bristol






Unified Family Court:



Tim Bailey

Dale C. Cohen

John Patrick Contini  

Merrilee Ehrlich  

Keathan Frink

Yael Gamm

Renee Goldenberg  

Alfred J. Horowitz  

Nicholas Lopane




County Courts


Administrative judge:

Sharon Zeller





Criminal Division:



Mindy Kirsch Brown

Robert F. Diaz  

Kal Le Var Evans  

Kenneth Gottlieb  

John Hurley  

Daniel Kanner

Ginger Lerner-Wren  

Mardi Levey Cohen  

Olga M. Levine  

Kathleen Mary McHugh

Nina Weatherly Di Pietro

Christopher W. Pole  

Mary Rudd Robinson  

Mindy Solomon





Civil Division:


Florence Taylor Barner

Nina Di Pietro  

Robert W. Lee  

Kathleen McCarthy  

Giuseppina Miranda  

Kim Mollica





Satellite Divisions




North Satellite Divisions:



Steven P. Deluca

John D. Fry  

Jill K. Levy  

Louis H. Schiff







West Satellite Divisions:



Ellen Feld

Jane D. Fishman






South Satellite Divisions:



Arlene Simon Backman

Michael Davis  

Terri-Ann Miller  

Claudia Robinson






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 Voting Information,"

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Broward County Florida

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Broward County, "Court Records,"




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The Preamble to the Florida Constitution states:


We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution.

Article I: "Declaration of Rights"  Florida Constitution


The Florida Constitution begins with a Declaration of Rights, which is similar to the U.S. Bill of Rights. The Florida Declaration of Rights, however, is much longer than the federal version, as it has 27 sections. Among other things, Article I of the Florida Constitution guarantees trial by jury, due process, freedom of the press and of religion. It also forbids, among other things, the passage of ex post facto laws and cruel and unusual


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Article II: "General Provisions"


Article II sets up the state's boundaries and provides for executive, legislative and judicial branches of government

Article III: "Legislature"


Article III establishes the Florida State Legislature as a bicameral body. The upper house is not to have more than 40 members elected to four year

terms, and the lower house is not to have more than 120 members elected to two year terms.

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Article IV: "Executive"


Article IV governs the election of the governor and lieutenant governor, as well as the cabinet. It specifies that the cabinet must consist of an Attorney

General, a Chief Financial Officer and a Commissioner of Agriculture, all of whom must be elected rather than appointed.

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Article V: "Judiciary"


Article V establishes the appointment and jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida District Courts of Appeal, as well as circuit and county courts.

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Article VI: "Suffrage and Elections"


Article VI addresses election regulations and requirements of voters.



Article VII: "Finance and Taxation"


Article VII establishes tax rules and regulations.


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