South Florida Corruption

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are

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Bond Court

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Videos of South

Florida Bond Courts

Most of These
­Videos are Just
For Fun


And people wonder why all these judges in Broward County come to work drunk.
It also may show just how fed up the people of Broward County are with the corrupt Courts and Police.
With all the cops, and Judges arrested and fired, they have little faith in the System there.

Life Time Criminal Achievement Award Winner!

How Not To Act In Court

This guy tells the Judge repeatedly to "Suck My $%#&".


He brags about his connections and family money, then finds out what Contempt of Court is.


Be sure to watch the next video. It's him again 2 weeks later.

Guess he came to his senses.


Another How Not To Act In Court

Guy called Judge a Cock in Court and Gets Ass Handed to Him.

Broward Bond Court Christoper Colon tells judge to suck his... UNCENSORED 

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Bond Court

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Bond Court

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Bond Court

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