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Anonymous Transcript Corey Jones

Anonymous Transcript

Corey Jones



Originally Published at




Greetings world, We are Anonymous Florida. On April 29th, we launched #OpAronberg with a video press release directed towards David Aronberg in the regards to the murder of Corey Jones. 


On October 18th, Corey was shot by officer Norman Raja while Corey was waiting for a tow truck. Corey, who is a church going man, just got off of a band gig when plain clothed Raja pulled up in his unmarked car and murdered Corey.


This past November a select few of us showed us at the Palm Beach Gardens Police station demanding justice. Your police officers refused entry as well as threatening us with Department of Homeland Security. Well as we stated in both press releases, we are coming back to Palm beach demanding justice, but this time with back up.


During phase one of #OpAronberg we gave you a time line demanding you either change your mind in sending the case against Nouman Raja to a Grand Jury to charging him with the crime he committed or for you to step down. We leaked out your personal phone numbers and emails in hopes that you would listen to the out cry from the community that elected you. We also stated that we will be at your doorsteps if you choose to do neither. In our press release we also called for arms of many groups. Which you did neither.


On May 3rd we initiated phase two of this operation. Phase two was merely to inform you that we have sensitive data of yours and giving you another chance to do the right thing not only for Corey’s sake but his family, friends, church goers, and community. As well as to let the public know which groups have reached out to us from the call to arms.


Unfortunately for you this is not some secret club where we gather in a club house swapping old porn magazines and daddies Everclear this is not some Internet gang of panel nerds who spend everything attempting to break into your computer.


It has come for the time of phase three. We have given you 18 days to reconsider your decision and all you have to say to the community is no comment. Guess what Aronberg? We have two comments, your contact list as well as a special thank you to the Bikes Up Guns Down Movement for providing over 100 bikers as protection as we come visit you at your house.


The community and the state of Florida has no faith in grand juries for the fact that 99 percent of the time there is not a conviction. Whether the case is dealt with in full view or obstructed view, by direct or circuitous route, its still going to boil down to your call on whether the officer should be charged or cleared.


There is two more days till we show up at your residence outside The Edge West Palm condominium. If you chose to still ignore our demand we will start showing up at 2pm. We will not be alone. We will be with  the Bikes Up Guns Down Movement, Three Percenters, Anonymous Palm Beach, Anonymous Fort Lauderdale, Anonymous Miami, South Florida Cop Watch, Black Votes Matter, and the All Lives Matter Movement with a special guest appearance of a commissioner.


You may not of had an opponent for the State Attorney seat while running this election, but that does not mean you do not have an opponent now. We are what you could never be, we are everyone. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We only have the desire for more and more and now quite simply you have got our attention signed Anonymous



#OpAronberg #CoreyJones #JusticeForCorey #JusticeForCoreyJones #KeepTheBeatAlive #SayHisName

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