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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are

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What We Are

Trying To Do Here




Let me first make this clear







Also we are not reporters in the traditional sense of the word. We consider ourselves to be “News Gatherers”. Like an “Information Hub” for corruption.

We claim “Fair Use” on any parts of stories we’ve used as we are making this information available for educational and social justice purposes.

Have you ever noticed that when a news story breaks, several different news agencies will cover the story?

However when you read all of them you get the same story, but each one gives you different details, while none of them really cover them all.

That’s what we are trying to do here. We try to get all the details first and then write the story. We may not get a lot of “Scoops”, but we try to give a more complete story.

We also want to “memorialize these stories. There is a lot of what’s called “Internet Scrubbing” going on these days. Some corrupt people have found ways of “Scrubbing the Internet” to make the stories about them disappear. They make false copyright complaints to You Tube, threaten Google with “Right to be forgotten” lawsuits and a number of other tactics to make the story disappear and be forgotten.

The more websites that keep the story up, the better the chances of the story not being forgotten.




Having lived in South Florida nearly 40 years, we’ve seen a lot of corruption in:

·      Local Government

·      Politicians

·      Law Enforcement

·      The Courts



Like most working class citizens of this state, we thought the Police and Courts were there to protect and help us.

That’s because like most people, we had not had any contact with either of them.

But after encountering them, we found that the Courts, The Prosecutors, the Police, and the Defense Attorneys could care less about your safety, or your rights.

We found, that they have a completely different agenda.

Justice, it would seem is not on that agenda.


The corruption runs so deep in South Florida that now, it’s just all about, THE MONEY!



If you’re poor, forget it, the only Justice you’re going to get, is a continuing dance with the probation system, where you will be constantly unable to afford or comply with the conditions they put on you.

You’re almost guaranteed to fail and “Violate”, another criminal charge, by the way.

But they don’t want to put you in jail, they will reinstate you’re probation.

Imposing new costs and conditions through some court sponsored program that you have to pay for. They will keep doing this to you until they get everything they can out of you, or you end up in jail.

Also in Broward County, since the late 1990’s, the Probation Department has been run by the Broward Sherriff’s Office, all the while keeping a very detailed file of you on their database.



If you’re middle class, or well off, you’re not in a much better position. Other than the facts that you can maybe refuse to take the B.S. probation, take the conviction, in the case of misdemeanors, and pay the fine. Of course, if you’re not guilty and want a trial be prepared for a whole new level of corruption.

If you think that high priced well known attorney you hired, maybe paying as much as $10,000 to is going to make a difference, think again.

These guys make so many back room deals with each other and the prosecutors, that if you think that YOU are their first priority think again. Because what they do in South Florida;



They just take care of number one.

And number one’s not you,

You’re not even number two!



So What Can We Do As Just Citizens?




The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

And The Camera Is The New Gun!




For one, be outraged about it. When you see police misconduct, pull out your phone and document it. Get a live streaming app; (Bambuser) is a good free one. It lets you send what you are recording to a remote server insuring even if your phone is taken or destroyed, the video survives.

Tell someone. Send that video to us or someone else so it can be published.

During the 1960’s civil rights marches, Dr. Martin Luther King told the protesters to do nothing when the police attacked them.

Most of them probably didn’t understand why, but they complied with his wishes.

The result was that when the police turned the fire hoses and dogs loose on the protesters, the cameras rolled and the whole world saw and was both shocked and outraged. Even some racist people were saying, “Hey, that’s just not right”.

Those videos caused a major turn for the civil rights movement. After that the U.S. Justice Department and the F.B.I. became involved and well, you know the rest of the story.

But if those videos were never published, the outcome would have probably been very different. So send the video to someone, if not us than some other site or start your own YouTube channel, but publish it.



Learn your rights. We’re putting a lot of information about that on our site. Also there are plenty of links to other websites that can help you with that.


We would also like to encourage the “honest and good” officers of law enforcement, to stand up and let it be known that you won’t tolerate misconduct or corruption of any kind and you will expose it when you see it.

We know what kind of a position this can put you in. But times have changed. I’m sure you’ve noticed that a lot of people, not just here in South Florida, but around the entire county, and not just a few minorities, are fed up and had it with police misconduct and corruption.

We are sure that you’ll find that when you notice a citizen taking video of you doing your job, and tell them go ahead rather than making Empty threats to arrest them or claim that taking video from across the street is somehow obstructing you from doing your job, you’ll find that we, the citizens will be behind you.

We find it somewhat interesting that the police have always said to us;



“If you’re not doing anything wrong, than what are you worrying about”,



Well, right back at you, if you’re not doing anything wrong, than what are you worried about?


It seems that a majority of police unions are against the use of body cameras. Why? If you’re doing your job properly the cameras are only a benefit to you.

In Broward County the Sheriffs are wearing them and already at least one deputy has been cleared of a false complaint made about him.

A wise person once said,



“You can clean the house a lot better if you’re in it!”



So to the law enforcement officers of South Florida, you are in the best position to clean up your own departments, and the citizens of Florida would like your help.

After all, isn’t that why you became a law enforcement officer in the first place?


As far as the Courts and attorneys, we have to rely on the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission and the Florida Supreme Court.

One ray of light is that for the last six years the Florida Supreme Court has rejected most of the recommendations coming from the JQC and imposed even harsher penalties on wayward Judges, in most cases removing them from the bench.

Citizens are also learning that they too can file a complaint about a judge with the Judicial Qualifications Commission.


You can’t complain just because you don’t like a decision, but a judge never has the right to make racist statements to you or deny your constitutional rights.

Learn your rights! We have information along those lines on our Services page.



So South Florida, grab your smart phone or camera and make a difference!






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